Wilderness Survival: Building Character Through Essential Skills

Posted on Jun 04, 2024 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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We embarked on an exciting adventure camp in Hira Nagar. We wanted to share our experiences at the camp which helped build our character and gain essential 21st century skills.

In the untamed wilderness, nature and survival skills intervened to shape us into resilient individuals. From mastering fire making to navigating treacherous terrains, each challenge fostered adaptability and mental fortitude. Facing adversities stripped away our facades, revealing our true character. Through collaboration and reflection in nature, we were able to embrace and cultivate resilience and self awareness.

Survival in the wilderness transcended physicality, and it challenged our mental strength. While pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, we participated in a range of activities. Some of these were very adventurous, including rappelling, ziplining, and bridge crossing. We also learnt a lot about teamwork and flexibility through group activities. It helped us improve our social skills as well. The camp proved to be a lot of fun too.

It was a journey that also taught us to respect our environment. Surrounded by beautiful nature, we understood the importance of preserving it. We were very conscious of not littering and disposed of our waste properly. After the trip, we realised that the camp improved our appreciation for nature and we would continue practising the lessons we learnt.

The camp environment gave us a lot of new experiences to cherish and we enjoyed it a lot. We got out of our comfort zone and learnt to live a minimalist life. It was not only a learning curve but also a fun experience.

Writen By Akshara Teotia, Devanshi Sharma, Dhwani Bansal, Vaibhav Rathore, Yuvraj Tomar (Delhi Public School, Rajnagar Extenstion).


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