• "If children ran the world, it would be a place of eternal bliss and cheer.”


Why Camp Leadership

“Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leader” is a clichéd expression for today’s times. Our change-makers, entrepreneurs, political leaders are young and highly motivated individuals with the drive to transform their visions into reality. The youth of the world is taking center stage of leadership as we speak, and our young ones are just raring to go and shine on that stage.

Camp Leadership aims at nurturing the idea of leadership at a young age in the minds of our children so that they are equipped with the right attitude, skills and qualities to be change makers of our society. The camp is designed to engage youth with their inner selves and assists them to explore their emotions, and their relationship with other people and their larger environment. It is designed to empower youth to identify their leadership potential and foster essential life-skills.

About the Campsite

The peaceful campsite is nestled at the foothills of the inspiring Himalayan mountain range. What better opportunity than a serene retreat where they get the space for self-reflection, gain insight from nature and draw inspiration from like minded youth who’ve set out to make a difference not just in their own lives, but the community at large.

What will be achieved?

During Camp Leadership, the youth with take part in a series of meticulously designed sessions. Each session will focus on the various elements of leadership, what they actually mean for them at individual levels and introduce them to tools that they can use in their everyday life for effective communication, making positive life-choices, managing conflicts and above all produce better outcome in whatever they delve into.

What will the child take back?

Camp Leadership is the perfect environment for a child to explore their emotions, deal with their fears and anxieties, engage in positive communication and sow the seeds of their dreams for the future. While the youth at the camp marvel at the magnificent beauty of nature, this immersive experience will help them value their own existence in the universe and feel empowered to be a good leader. During the camp, the youth will develop a basic understanding of qualities and skills of good leadership. Notwithstanding the various certificates and appreciation badges, their daily journal and many other tools of encouragement and reflection that will be a part of this holistic learning experience. This summer will facilitate a transformative experience for the child. By participating in a series of activities that engages them with their self and explores their interaction with their surroundings, the child is bound to blossom into a positive, confident and empathetic human being.



A Day by Day Adventure Summary

day 1:

Arrival, Early Socialization, Tribe Identities, Acclimatization and Self-Exploration The day focuses on welcoming the participants and helping them break the ice amongst each other, with their instructors and familiarize with their surroundings through an acclimatization trek. The day will begin with creating team identities; at the camp, teams will be called tribes. Gradually the focus will be shifted to the participants as individuals to celebrate their individuality through activities like Self Portraits.

day 2:

Morning Beats, Emotions and SuperHero Skills Day two starts with the exploration of the idea of emotions and our response to, and expression of these emotions. This highly engaging module is a combination of games and creative arts sessions that emphasize on non-violent forms of communicating our emotions, the concept of ‘safe space’ and overcoming of fears and anxieties. The day moves towards understanding leadership as a concept and qualities and skills of a good leader.

day 3:

Outdoor Orientation, Night Out and Look at the Stars The third day is an outdoor simulation of leadership and life skills where the group is set out for a night out program. In this they engage in a long distance trek carrying their ration and outdoor gear. Along the way they utilize their survival training to endure and overcome physical and emotional hardships. They learn along the way to prepare their outdoor meals, pitch their tents, create improvised shelter, and navigation. The day ends with a reflective evening discussing challenges and learning from the day’s activity and a star gazing activity. The group will camp away from their base camp in this real life simulation of outdoor survival and leadership.

day 4:

Impact of our Actions, and Youth Leaders of the World On day four the participant will explore the idea of ripple affect of actions impact on the surroundings, other beings and the environment as whole. The session helps the participants explore and understand different actions that can be taken to bring about positive changes in their immediate environment. This day is also dedicated to introducing the participants to inspiring youth leaders who have made great changes in their respective communities and the world mumbai.

day 5:

Dreams and Realities Day five focuses on the participant and his/her individual dreams and how they can become actionable goals. Through this session, the participants will not just focus on self but their action plan for the larger world. They will be given some simple tools that can help them structure their action plan.

day 6:

Closing Ceremony


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q  Who should attend this Camp?

    A   Children between 14 and 16 years of age are welcome to join the Camp.
  • Q  How many participants can be expected to attend?

    A   Your child can expect a maximum of 30 other kids for company. The Camp strength has been kept low to ensure smooth running of the event ensuring quality time with the Journey Mentor/Outdoor Instructor for each kid.
  • Q  What sort of accommodation can my child expect?

    A   Accommodation will be in tents in a well-furnished campus with all basic amenities (electricity with time limits at few campsites, running water, hot food etc.) available. Each tent will be shared by minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 children. Girls and boys will have separate accommodation.
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    Q  By what mode will children explore the forest on this Camp?

  • Q  What will the adult: child ratio? And who all shall be part of the camp?

    A   The camp will have the following personnel: A) Campus Chief (CC): S/he shall be the Lead Facilitator of the camp and key mentor for all participants B) Activity Chief (AC): An expert in the chosen activity C) Program Leader/Journey Mentors (JM): Trained members of EdTerra who shall assist the CC and AC D) Doctor: One Doctor shall be designated to a camp. The ratio of the students while travelling is 1:10 and on campus is 1:5. The ratio of the students while travelling is 1:10 and on campus is 1:5.
  • Q  What about my child's safety during the event?

    A   A Your child's safety is of paramount importance to us. EdTerra trains the Campus Chief leading this Camp on child protection, child behaviour and development, health and safety, program delivery and EdTerra's code of conduct, policies and procedures. The Activity Chief will accompany the children for all activities along with the assigned journey mentors. All staff members are trained in administering First Aid at all times.
  • Q  What things should my child bring to this Camp?

    A   Water bottle Cap or hat Shoes and slippers/floaters Three sets of sober-colored outdoor clothing, shorts, swimwear, night clothes and towel Toiletries and other personal essentials Notebook and pen or pencil Torch Mosquito repellent We do not encourage students to carry expensive gadgets in campus. Camera and Binocular if bought to campus shall be the sole responsibility of the participants. Note: A more detailed list shall be shared after the registration.
  • Q  How do I register my child/children?

    A  For registrations do the following: 1. Click on the 'BOOK NOW' tab and fill out the form on the page and we'll get back to you pronto 2. Call us at 9711615892 and we shall assist you We do not have online registration portal.
  • Q  What is Camp ?

  • Q  What does a typical day at this camp look like?

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    6:00 AM Rise and Shine
    6:15 AM Milk and cookies
    6:30 AM - 7:30 AM Morning Warm up
    8:00 AM - 8:30 AM Breakfast Time
    8:30 AM - 12.30 PM Activity Time/Night Out Trek
    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch
    2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Rest Out
    2:30 PM - 5:00 PM Activity Time/Night Out
    5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Juice/Milk and Snacks and Free Time for Self Care and Self Reflections
    6:30 PM - 7:15 PM Tribe Time "Reflection Session" focusing on team-building
    7:15 PM - 7:30 PM Entertainment and performance time
    7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Entertainment and performance time
    9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Dinner
    10:15 PM Lights Out
  • Q  How will the students travel to the campsite?

  • Q  What sort of toilets can my child expect?

    A   Most of the campsites have attached toilets (western style). Some campsites might have toilet at a maximum distance of 80 m from the tents. Incase the toilets are not attached we shall have separate washrooms and toilets for girls and boys.
  • Q  What sort of food can my child expect?

    A   At the campsite normally vegetarian food is served while chicken is served twice (usually dinner) on a program (usually on the first and the last day of the program). There is a good menu variety that balances taste and nutrition. Since this is outdoor program the menu is designed keeping the health and nutrition mind. On the day/night outs the group carries ration from the camp store and cooks their own meals. Meal planning and food selection is part of the camp module in cases of expeditions or night trek.
  • Q  Is there any preparation required prior to travelling for the camp?

    A   A) Outdoor camps involve a lot of walking (uphill and downhill) and other psychomotor activities; it is recommended that the participants engage in some physical exercise like walking at least 5-7 days prior to the camp. B) Incase the child is prone to motion sickness, do inform the travel leaders and avoid eating heavy oily food c) Those participants with respiratory problems must inform the travel leaders and carry their inhalers if prescribed by the doctor D) Tetanus shot before the camp is mandatory; EdTerra does not encourage any injections to be given at the campsites unless it is life saving situation
  • Q  How can we stay in touch with our child while he/she is at the camp?

    A   We operate in wilderness areas where Internet connectivity is intermittent. Mobile phones are not allowed on the campsites. Incase of an emergency on camp, the staff shall contact you directly on the emergency number provided by you on the form. Incase of an emergency from your side, please leave a message on our emergency number and we shall connect you with your child at the earliest. ** Note since the children are at times outside the campsite there might be a delayed response time. We will keep posting updates on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/edterraindia), but there may not be a daily update because of Internet connectivity. We shall try our level best to post pictures of camp but, the photos posted may or may not feature your child or all participants together. Each photograph will represent the conditions at the camp indicating that it is running smoothly.


"If children ran the world, it would be a place of eternal bliss and cheer.”

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"EdTerra is an education company. The entire US Edventure was a testimony to their commitment... Such an inspirational journey!"

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