Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EdTerra? Or, what is EdTerra Edventures?

    EdTerra is the only Truly Educational journey provider for school students in India; it offers educational journeys and camping programs. You can choose from 4 categories of journeys based on destinations – International, Indian, Adventure/Wilderness Camps and Heritage Walks. Most of these programs are offered through schools and select programs are offered directly to students during summers.

  • How is EdTerra different from any other school trip company?

    EdTerra delivers Truly Educational Value in all its journeys aimed at developing student Worldview. On every trip students will find well-defined learning objectives, reading material, worksheets, group and individual activities delivered on field through our Journey Mentor. As an option students who choose our Young Authors Program get an immersive travel journalism experience as well, which culminates in a book authored and photographed by the students. Read more about what sets us apart here.

  • How old do I have to be to travel on an EdTerra journey?

    The school students who generally travel with us on international journeys are between 11 and 17 years of age. For India specific journeys the age bracket is 7 to 17 years depending on the program selected.

  • How can I travel with EdTerra? Or how can I travel on an EdTerra journey?

    You can travel with EdTerra and on an EdTerra journey either through your school or individually. You could enquire about any upcoming announcements of an EdTerra journey from your school admin or in case your school is not travelling with us you can individually apply for any of our domestic or international summer programs. Go to our EdTerra Go Direct page for more details.

  • My school hasn’t announced any EdTerra school trips. How can I go on an EdTerra journey individually?

    In case your school is not travelling with us you can individually apply for any of our domestic or international summer programs. For details visit the EdTerra Go Direct section.

  • How can I register my son/daughter for an EdTerra journey?

    See the above two FAQs.

  • How does EdTerra address on-journey safety and security?

    EdTerra is an ISO certified company with stringent practices when it comes to student safety. Firstly, we audit the critical elements of Travel, Meals and Accommodation for benchmark standards. Second, your personal group Journey Mentor is trained to administer first-aid, understands student psychology and has a formal and strict code of conduct that s/he is required to adhere to. For more info on safety please click here.

  • How does EdTerra communicate about on-journey happenings?

    Our Journey Mentors send updates through the EdTerra Facebook Page ( You can track the progress of your child’s/ student’s journey by joining our Facebook page.

  • Who leads the EdTerra journey?

    Each EdTerra journey is lead by our specialist Journey Mentor who takes care of all logistics and delivers certain vital Truly Educational components during the journey.

  • What outputs are students required to create or produce from and on the journey?

    Depending on the Truly Educational tool available for a destination and thereafter chosen as per the school’s request, students may record their journey experience in a Student Travel Chronicle – The Book or a Student Travel Chronicle – Magazine (for India specific destinations upon selecting the Young Authors Program). Modifications of this program with focus on filmmaking and photography are also available.

  • I have enquired about/ enrolled for/ am interested in a program and have some queries. How can I get in touch with you?

    Please visit the specific journey/ program page that you have enrolled for or are interested in. There will be a journey specific FAQ section on the journeys page which can help answer most of the queries you might have. In case you still need assistance, get in touch with us through the contact us section of the website.

  • I wish to book an EdTerra journey for my students. How can I contact EdTerra?

    Please fill out our journey enquiry form on the contact us page. If you prefer to discuss the program over phone please call +91-11-48885800.