Andaman: A Gift to Mankind


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The very first thing that comes to mind when we hear about Andaman Islands are sun-toasted beaches with white sands, clear blue skies, peace and serenity. It consists of a cluster of many small and big Islands, many of them still not inhabited. The Andamans have gained popularity thanks to its beautiful corals, making it an ideal location for sea walking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Inviting tourists to its many popular and breathtaking islands, Andaman surely tops the list of must-visits!


andaman sea food

Know it better

It is one of the seven Union territories of India with a population of approximately 4 lakh people. While Port Blair serves as the capital, the other main islands surround the capital. With an apt location of the Indian Ocean, the Andamans serve as a paradise for seafood lovers, with prawns, crabs, cuttle fish, lobsters and other fish being found in abundance. With a heavy Bengali and south-Indian influence on the island owing to its proximity to the east coast of India, many dishes from both these regions are widely available on the islands.



andaman port blair

The Capital of Andaman : Port Blair

Proudly serving as the capital of Andaman, Port Blair has a rich history to its name. The capital offers a wide variety of things to do; from water sports for adventure enthusiasts, the Cellular jail and various museums for history buffs and pristine beaches for water lovers. The North Bay Island, popularly known as Coral Island, is filled with some great coral underwater treasures and is one of the most visited islands of Port Blair.



Islands named after British Officers

It might interest you to know that two of the most beautiful islands of Andaman are named after British officers of the East India Company, the islands of Havelock and Neil. Havelock Island rightly enjoys the reputation of being a traveller’s paradise. Pristine and silken beaches which also claim to have one of the best beaches in South Asia, Havelock Island is a paradise. It is one the largest and most populated islands of Andaman, complete with white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs and lush green forests.



No. 1 Beach of South Asia

Blue skies, turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches flanked by lush and verdant trees – seems like a Microsoft wallpaper right? But this site can actually be seen, felt and experienced at Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island. This beach is ranked as the number 1 beach of South Asia!


A Sandwich Island

Neil Island is sandwiched between Havelock Island and Rose Island. An offbeat location, one of the lesser known and a hidden beauty of Andaman, Neil Island is being promoted widely due to its raw beauty and sparse population. It is not as popular as its neighbour, Havelock Island, but the beauty and tranquillity is unmatched. Neil Island boasts of a lifestyle that is simple, laidback and calm, serving as quite the antidote to what we are used to in our daily lives today!



Adventure Time

The beautiful sandy beaches and rich marine life of the Andamans offers a variety of adventure water sport activities such as scuba diving, underwater sea walks and snorkeling, fun rides on speed boats and Jet Ski. The glass bottom boat ride in the shallow waters that showcase corals, colorful fish and marine life, is the safest way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater life.

The Andamans is full of water-based activities but a few of the beaches on Neil Island like Lakshmanpur Beach is an ideal place for snorkelling. It provides breathtaking views of the sunset. The beach is famous for its natural rock formations including the naturally formed coral bridge.



Corals on the Beach

Ever wondered how corals can be seen without going in the water? Well, Bharatpur Beach is the answer. It has water so clear that one can enjoy seeing a variety of corals on a leisurely morning walk. See staghorn corals, finger corals, boulder corals and colour-changing corals from close quarters before the high tides wash them back into the sea.

Get ready to join EdTerra for that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Andamans for an experience that is bound to stay with you forever.


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