7 essentials a traveller must carry during summer


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As a student, we eagerly wait for summer vacations as we get an opportunity to travel to new destinations. But travelling could bring excitement as well as trouble during summer. To avoid getting into a bad situation, it’s better to plan and prepare for a pleasant and memorable journey. Taking small remedial measures would help you beat the heat, effortlessly.


Here are the few easy tips and essentials you must do to avoid facing any trouble during travelling in summers:-

Talcum powder

Perspiration helps you to maintain your body temperature during travelling but it can also give you oily skin and rashes. One can always carry pocket-friendly talcum powder with them. It keeps you all cooled up and refreshing make your journey all better. Don’t forget to pack it in your bag.



Always make sure to have sunscreen in your bag for extra protection from the unforgiving Sun. This is one of the items that you can use in any climate. Keep in mind to apply Calamine before applying sunscreen for a better result. if you do not have sunscreen then you can use coconut oil as an alternative.


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Sunglasses/ Hats

Sun rays can be very harmful to your skin.  Sunglasses could be also a saviour during summer. It will protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays (UVA/UVB/UVC). Hats and scarfs can help you to avoid direct contact with the rays reaching your head keeping you cooler by upto 10 C. Do remember to get yourself wide end hats for best results.


Flip flops

Flip-flops are easy to get in an get out of. They are easy to carry around and are perfect for beach walks and casual trails. Make sure you carry a separate pouch to store them. Wash them every day for best results

Hand towels

Try to make a habit to carry small hand towel in your backpack wherever you go in summers. It will help you to keep yourself dry which is really necessary to maintain the body hygiene while travelling.


Fruits and foods

Being “cool as a cucumber” might actually have some weight to it. Cucumbers are incredibly hydrating, and staying adequately hydrated during the summer months is beneficial. Snack on cucumber slices for some heat relief.  Peaches which are rich in vitamin A and C should not be missed out. Apples will cool you down and fill you up. They also contain a type of soluble fibre called Pectin, which has been found to stop hunger. Add some lemon which is enriched with vitamin C to your water to escape the boredom of the normal water. Citrus has a cooling effect on the body and promotes detoxification.


Water- Never to skip

One of the most essential things in the backpack should be Water. While travelling, you have to walk a lot, which consumes lots of your energy. But, we also need to consider that most lovely places are discovered while walking only. You should never miss drinking water. During travelling, water should be as important as breathing, else there is a chance for you to get dehydrated. Try to add Glucon-D in your water. Glucon-D is the preferred choice in summer when the scorching heat drains out body glucose. Glucon-D contains 99.4 percent glucose. It is easily absorbed by the body, thus giving instant energy and rejuvenation. It restores energy 2 times faster compared to ordinary drinks. Drink at least 3.5 L water every day in form of clear water, shakes/smoothies, juice/punch and curries.


Pack your bags now folks! Without missing a thing, else you will miss all the fun when you travel with us.

Written by Aroma Suri  and Anjali Mahanty

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