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Surprise benefits of community service in Bhutan

Community service is always a very enriching experience, not only for the people that one is helping but also for the one who serves. It helps one understand how people toil to earn a living. One begins to understand that privilege or fortune is not what matters, it is actually the values that matter in […]

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Minor reveals and major inspiration at the Statue of Liberty

Whenever we hear about the Statue of Liberty, we visualise a huge statue holding a tablet in one hand and a torch in another. Luckily, on my US East Coast Space Adventure with EdTerra Edventures, I visited Liberty Island and saw the massive sculpture. I learnt that it is an eminent symbol of freedom and […]

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Gleaning Singapore’s climate action and the business of tourism

The beautiful island city-state of Singapore is known for its booming economic growth and cosmopolitan culture. Its skyline is dominated by high-rise skyscrapers built to boost sustainability in the long run. The government efforts towards biodiversity conservation and waste reduction have made Singapore a model of sustainable development, particularly in Asia. Our trip to Singapore […]

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My supercharged learning at the Kennedy Space Center

In the course of my educational trip to the USA, I went to the Kennedy Space Center for two consecutive days. It was absolutely a delightful learning experience. Let me take this opportunity of narrating my experience in detail. On the first day, we visited the Heroes & Legends exhibition inside the Kennedy Space Center […]

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How we, the students, supported the United Nations SDGs in Bhutan

It is rightly said that Bhutan is the happiest country in the world. Anyone who enters this paradise is left mesmerised. The experience of indulging in myriad conversations with locals made us realise that the Bhutanese largely prefer happiness over acquisition of material wealth. The Gross National Happiness Index, which was instituted by the former […]

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Simple observations from the Taj Mahal complex

The Taj Mahal is an integral part of India’s cultural heritage and it is universally admired by almost everyone around the world. The monument has earned a place among the seven wonders of the world. When we visited the Taj Mahal, we were impressed to see its magnificent architecture. The exquisite mausoleum within the complex […]

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