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Orlando: A traveller’s paradise

Imagine a city full of life, colour and fun where imagination and reality meet. A city where your dreams about Disney World come true, where one can feel the magic in the air and where laughter and smiles are all over the place with the highest possible positive vibes. Yes, we are talking about the […]

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Buddha Dordenma: The wonders of the Golden God

Bhutan is a beautiful place consisting of a number of museums, statues and monuments of great historic importance. Its beauty is magnified by great architectural structures, spread over this small nation, one of them being the Buddha Dordenma. Sitting on an arid mountainside of Bhutan, it provides a glimpse into the vast realms of Buddhism. […]

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Spain through students’ perspective

After finishing our excursion to the ‘City of Light’, Paris, we moved to Spain. We liked France, but Spain was the place we fell in love with. Each destination has its own highlights but Spain has more than its fair share. It has everything a tourist wants, an impressive culture,  the cuisines which it got […]

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Kennedy Space Center: Exploring space & beyond

Kennedy Space Center is a place of learning, exploration and invention. Apart from enjoying ourselves, we gained a lot of knowledge. Being an astronaut is rather a unique profession but when we learnt about the hardships and challenges faced by them and how they survive in space, we started respecting them all the more. After […]

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