How do we uphold EdTerra’s Truly Educational promise?

EdTerra has established a unique process and is deeply invested in it.


Conceptualize the
Learning Program.


Design the
Learning Tools.


Execute the
Educational Module.


Interact, Learn &
provide Feedback.

Each EdTerra journey is designed by the Program Development Team

The team identifies the best learning opportunities for each destination, creates age-appropriate learning tools, offers rubrics for formative and summative assessment, and transforms student performance into highly demonstrable proof of student learning through media outputs.

The Program Development Team (PDT) believes that even a tourist location can be a Learning destination. The PDT collaborates with the Operations team to ensure that the journey’s learning objectives are achieved through the itinerary design

The PDT works with the media team to design proprietary learning tools such as, workbooks, background knowledge materials and worksheets. This collaboration extends to the design of multi-media training workshops such as Launchpad, Young Authors Program et al. (See ‘Know Our Work’ for more details)

The PDT works with the HR department to train Journey Mentors who accompany every group. (See ‘Know Our Work’ to fully appreciate the role of Journey Mentors)

Why is this educational value only with EdTerra’s school journeys?