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Ranikhet: Free is the soul in the hills

‘Tis in human nature to be freeTo become what we wish to be See any sight we wish to see Go places where we yearn to goLearn anything we wish to knowTrudge desert sand or lands of snowScale any mountain, climb any tree, Answer to this question is the key,What does it mean to be […]

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The stupa at Sanchi

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the famous Sanchi Stupa? It begins with the war of Kalinga, in which a lot of people died. Ashoka, the king of Kalinga was saddened by the great loss to human life. This event changed his outlook towards life and he started searching for answers. One day […]

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Bhimbetka: The wonder caves

Did you know that Bhimbetka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of 750 Rock Shelters that are spread over an area of 10 km? Wow! That’s a lot of caves! Also, these Rock Shelters feature prehistoric paintings, the oldest ones are around 100,000 years old! So, read on to find out more interesting […]

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