How we work with schools

A Guide To The Perfect Truly Educational School Trip With EdTerra

EdTerra understands and appreciates the demands and efforts placed on principals and teachers to provide students a comprehensive Global Worldview. These demands in turn require accountable and dedicated support.

EdTerra’s very DNA incorporates the ability to create and leverage experiences outside of the classroom to help young minds meet the world. And we have taken it upon ourselves to benchmark our educational delivery standards to be as rigorous as are expected of any education institute or system.

Collaboration is the future to achieve student success and EdTerra believes that partnering with schools is of vital importance. Whether a school has specific expectations from their proposed outdoor education program or they are excited to choose from our large bouquet of field-tested itineraries, we endeavour to offer appropriate solutions through the following 3 approaches.

Three approaches

Choose now to make Student Travel the easiest yet

Booking a Truly Educational Journey

We can guide you through the entire process to get a single Truly Educational journey for your students whether it is the school’s first ever outdoors experience or the school has traveled before and is wishing to explore options with EdTerra.

Co-curricular travel for K-12

Choose this for a year round solution, across K-12. For the school, it takes away the pain of planning outdoors education. For the students, it shows a clear developmental path. For the parents, it clearly shows what learning is expected each year.

EdTerra’s Curricular/ CCE Bundles

We have created curricular or CCE specific bundles that combine the school’s outdoors education aspiration for their students with a positive effect on the curriculum. Choose from our bundles for Primary, Middle, Secondary, Senior and Staggered Levels.