Know Our Work

To know our work it is first important to consider the following question:
Why should you care about highly demonstrable educational value?

The price of any school trip is easily determined, but seldom do we calculate the real opportunity ‘cost’ of the trip. School trip is a rare occasion in a student’s life. It is also an opportunity with tremendous potential to inspire the student, to help her learn from the chosen destination(s) as well as from one another. With this in mind, EdTerra Edventures has created a broad range of engaging educational tools to ensure that the potential of each rare journey is optimised for the student.

A child goes through robust schooling to become a learned and capable adult. While her inner knowledge and emotional maturity is unquestionable, the world demands certain tangible proof. Schools provide this in the form of certificates and report cards that serve as students’, parents’ as well as the school’s success metrics.

Similarly, EdTerra believes that the rare and highly valuable travel experience(s) must provide the student with ‘highly demonstrable’ learning, even though the true transformation has taken place in the students’ mind and heart. This would inevitably help the student all through her life – in college admissions, job applications and much more.

What Makes Us Truly Educational

Discover the only ‘for travel’ learning tools available in India and most parts of the world.