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Posted on Mar 13, 2023 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Sariska is a place that houses not only the lush emerald forests scattered across the shimmering backdrop of the vast sky but also immerses the soul into an exploration, which is an experience of a lifetime. Our journey in Sariska, Alwar was nothing short of incredible.

Our true journey started from Alwar Bagh Resort that was like our home during the course of this excursion. We did activities like Magic Carpet and Theatre Under the Sky, in which we prepared a skit on tiger conservation. Such endeavors inculcated the values like teamwork, strategy building, perseverance and leadership in us. Our skit conveyed the impact of the diminishing population of tigers and outlined their present situation that are bordering on extinction. Moreover, the creative process of putting together our script compelled us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and altered our thinking process in a way that was more inclined to the dire reality of tiger poaching.

The main purpose of this trip was to visit the Sariska Tiger Reserve and on our visit, we got really connected to nature. The beauty of the bewitching mountains captivated us and helped us become one with nature. As we observed exotic species such as the kingfisher, spotted deer and antelope in their natural habitats. We were able to live in the moment and truly appreciate the way Mother Earth has blossomed. Though we were keen on bonding with nature, the environment did not seem to reciprocate that energy as it slapped our faces with extended branches while we went through the worn-down tracks in our canters.

Initially, the idea of a trip out into the wild without our mobile phones was a disaster to us. However, we were happy as staying without devices helped us detoxify, bond more with our friends and learn to appreciate the present. Furthermore, the activities and tasks with deadlines along with the enjoyable moments like the DJ night made our trip a balanced one. It integrated in us values like punctuality and time management.

As students, we can vouch for the fact that this trip was educational yet engaging. It provided us an opportunity to experience the beauty of nature along with giving an opportunity to connect better with ourselves and our peers.

Writen By Ashrut Kothiyal, Jai Setia, Mridul Sethi, Myra Aggarwal, Rhea Solanki, Riya Bahety, Rumaisa Ali, Saumya Gupta & Zoya Gupta (The Shriram Millennium School, Noida Sector-135).


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