No Planet B: A Vital Lesson from Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Posted on Sep 12, 2023 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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We are the students of St. Andrews School, and we are going to share our experience at Amrabad through this blog.

We visited the Chechu Village, a tribal village in Amrabad. This visit was a great way to start the journey. We saw that the people residing in the village lived in conical huts made up of bamboo and other materials from the forest. Before the government imposed legal restrictions, the main occupation of the people here was hunting and gathering. They were completely dependent on forest essentials for their survival. They used these resources without harming the environment. The people of this village live without electricity. They use traditional methods of cooking using earthen pots and firewood. We got a chance to explore many interesting things, including a traditionally handcrafted bow and arrow and some old-age cooking tools. It was very interesting to learn how to balance the ecosystem without harming the wildlife.

The next morning, we had a beautiful experience trekking inside the forest. Bird sightings and understanding the importance of flora and fauna were the highlights of our visit. We also explored and learnt about different trees present in the forest like Nara Vepa and Chilla Chettu.
We also attended the craft workshop and enjoyed the bag-making activity that taught us the importance of recycling and reducing the use of plastic.

Everyone must understand that animals also live on Earth, and we need to respect them and their habitat. The more we are involved in the conservation of nature, the better our environment and planet will become. We need to realise that our survival is not possible without nature. Everyone must realise soon that there is no Planet B.

Writen By Aditya, Anuhya, Akshara, Amiee, Labdhi, Naithik, Sharanya & Vignesh (St. Andrews School, Bowenpally, Hyderabad).


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