6-7 Days

Kerala: God’s Own Country

Chinese fishing nets, Jew town, backwaters, tea plantations, wildlife safari, Malabari food, this journey will truly help discover ‘God’s own country’

3-4 Days

Jim Corbett with Nainitaal: Nature’s Bounty

The oldest national park of India, made famous by the tales of its man-eating tigers, holds myriad lessons for the nature lovers and thrill seekers.

3-4 Days

Bhopal, Sanchi & Bhimbetka: The Heart of MP

Stone age cave paintings to great stupas of Lord Buddha, this journey allows students to find the very roots of our origin.

4-5 Days

Udaipur & Chittorgarh: Beauty and Bravery

These marvelous historic cities resonate with the stories of honor and valor of Mewar Rajputs, whose battle cries can still be felt and heard at Haldighati.

5-6 Days

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur: The Golden Triangle

The Indian Golden Triangle is the only journey where you can study three contrasting dynasties and separated by time and distance.

4-5 Days

Jodhpur & Jaisalmer: A Rajasthan Adventure

Go down in time to discover uniquely inviting, colorful and inspiring history and culture of the Rajputs.

5-6 Days

Bengaluru, Mysore and Ooty: The Southern Triangle

The Southern Triangle is your ticket to explore the history of the Wadiyar Dynasty and all the way down to the reign of Tipu Sultan.

1-2 Days

Amritsar: Unity in division

A lesson in unity and tolerance awaits you at this historic and holy border city.

1-2 Days

Agra: Love Unbound

Understand how the white mausoleum is not just a worldwide icon of love but how it also symbolizes mankind’s unstinting pursuit for excellence.

3-4 Days


Be prepared, this is the natural habitat where you are most likely to come face to face with the largest feline in the world, Panthera tigris.