Leaving our Hearts at the Mountain

Posted on Jun 04, 2024 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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‘In nature’s bliss where snow leopards roam,
a camp of peace away from the city’s anguish gloom.
Birds sing gently and sweetly, echoing the mountains grace
and a light and joyful heaven, a treasured place.’
As soon as we heard the three words “last school trip”, we were filled with immense nostalgia for our beautiful years of school life that had so far been blessed with fun, hard work, and friendship and now, the most awaited annual school trip.

EdTerra Edventures brought us in the proximity of mother nature, sending a soothing wave through our hearts. These three days had us in awe of the serenity of the campsite and our amazing mentors, who helped us throughout this trip in the best way possible. Life was certainly more entertaining as we were pushed out of our comfort zones to live and enjoy alongside mother nature. The mountains tested our mobility and agility in forms that are hard to compute. We also learnt basic yet creative approaches to communication such as learning gestures and specific word commands to do certain tasks.

Even for someone who isn’t athletic and doesn’t like sports, this trip completely transformed their mindset. Appreciation from the mentors at every small step increased our confidence and love for the mountains.

Our team member, who considered herself lazy, couldn’t believe that she survived the camp. We learnt a lot during the camp days. The Maggi trek has to be our favourite. Even though it was very tiring and some of us were really scared to come down, savouring maggi noodles after that much hard work was pretty worth it.

Writing this blog had us reminiscing about the camp. All the moments we had in the camp are going to be missed greatly and we hope that we will have another such great adventure again soon.
“Cool staff, delightful food, and nature’s charm,
with friends, these moments create a soothing balm.
Discipline, patience, punctuality, the charm’s creed.
A peaceful escape where memories are indeed.
Escape the city, embrace the wild,
Nature’s beauty, forever a child.”

Writen By Jatin Saini, Pipi Nirmala Saran, Tejas Shankar & Vaishanavi Mishra (GD Goenka Signature School, Sohna Road, Gurugram).


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