5 Essential things a photographer should always carry

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It is often said that anyone can take a picture but a person who has a passion for photography foresee the picture before it is taken! If you have a passion along with a basic camera and if you would like to hone up your photography skills and have a successful session with the camera then don’t forget to carry these five essential things in your camera bag.


Tripod provides you the stability that and will help in proper image alignment for processing. It is quite versatile in nature as it can be used in a low light setting even. It allows you to take long exposure shots without compromising on the quality of the image. Stability is crucial for things like an outdoor photography session or night sky photographs.

Cleaning Kit

Photography gears are expensive, hence neglecting on maintenance of the equipment can lead to severe damage or ruined photos. Dirt, dust, and moisture can get into the nook of camera bodies. Hence, it is important to always clean your photography gear regularly.


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Memory Card

It is one of the most essential things that a photographer should always carry with him/herself. This helps in storing a large number of data in a small card giving you a chance to click more pictures and above all, it is easy to carry also. It is better to carry few small size SD cards than carrying a one with a bigger size so that in case if one card gets corrupted then the other can be used.  

Notebook and Pen

These items are extremely useful but often forgotten. All important points discussed during the photography session should be noted properly and can be referred as and when required.

Silica gel

You must have seen that silica gel packs are kept in empty water bottles or bags. But, it might interest you to know that silica gel is also kept with photographic equipment and camera bag. It absorbs all the moisture present inside the equipment and prevents the fungus growth. It works against humidity.


Above all, the few most important things that you will learn during EdTerra’s Young Photography Camp are the basic techniques required to become a professional photographer. Even a small action like looking at the surroundings of the selected frame before opening the camera shutter becomes an art of observation. With this, you can capture intriguing things from ordinary places and make them unique.

To acquaint yourself more with photography, join EdTerra’s Young Photography Camp under GoDirect  and also check out other programs. 

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