The Secret to Spotting Majestic Tigers

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The real secret to spotting a tiger in Jim Corbett is to actually have very good luck. Our group was very mixed and many of us had already been to Jim Corbett. Those who had already visited warned others that they would not be able to spot a single tiger. We discovered that the Jim Corbett National Park contains over 250 tigers as far as the latest count declared in 2022.

On the actual days of Jungle Safari our group was very optimistic. We hoped to spot a tiger and behold it for 10 minutes. Soon after we heard the first majestic roar of a male tiger. After 15 minutes of just standing there, we were starting to feel determined and our driver Ansari Bhaiya assured us that we would surely sight a tiger. Thankfully, he kept his promise and we had not one, not two, but five full sightings of three different tigers. Later we even saw some elephants, jackals, deer crossings, and monkeys chattering away on the trees. So to reiterate, one should be really lucky and patient to actually spot a tiger. While on the trip, we met an uncle who has been coming to Jim Corbett for the past 20 years but never had a single tiger spotting; but continued with the tradition of coming, with his two daughters.

In conclusion, though it is never sure if you will be able to spot a tiger on your trip, the peaceful and scenic views of the forest and jungle will wow you for sure.

Writen By Aditi, Aarav.G, Aaryaman.A, Nandini, Suryansh & Yoshita (The Shriram Millennium School, Gurugram).


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