The Iron Lady and Paris’ Other Attractions

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The only way to truly admire Paris’ unique architecture is by viewing the city from a blogger’s perspective. Paris’ architecture is quite different from other cities. The Haussmannian architectural style is synonymous with the present-day architectural plan of Paris. Earlier, the city was a labyrinth of narrow streets and half-timber houses. Many beautiful structures, including Arc De Triomphe, Louvre Museum and bridges on the River Seine are based on the Haussmannian plan.

Arc de Triomphe is forty-nine metres high, forty-five metres wide and twenty-two metres deep. It took thirty years to build this monument. Louvre Museum, on the other hand, is home to the Mona Lisa painting and thirty-five thousand other artifacts. The painting collection represents all periods of the European art revolutions upto 1848.

While discussing Paris, the image of the Eiffel Tower often strikes our minds. Have you ever wondered why the Eiffel Tower was constructed? The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel in 1889. The tower was initially built as an entrance gateway to the International Exposition of 1889. The exposition, organised by the French government, aimed to commemorate the French Revolution’s centenary this year. The entire Champ de Mars in Paris was enveloped by structures made of iron and steel for this exposition. These structures showcased the advancements in iron and steel construction during the era. The Eiffel Tower is a structure that distinguishes Paris from other cities. It is undeniably the most recognisable symbol of Paris. A visit to Paris is not complete without visiting this Iron Lady.

We enjoyed this educational visit to Paris, enjoyed its architecture and learned about the history of the city’s development and that of some of its most iconic monuments. We hope that you also visit this city.

Writen By Paartheev, Rohan, Saksham & Sri Ram (The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad).


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