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Singapore as a country, came into existence in the year 1965, 18 years after India gained independence. Yet, India is 12th in the world economic rankings while Singapore is at the 3rd position. A country smaller in size than the state of Assam is a leading hub of tourist attractions. It is also a leader in a world economy. This is a true testament to the beliefs of the people of Singapore i.e., hard work.


(Ready for the blast at Sentosa Island)

The island of Singapore is also known as ‘Fine City’. This is due to the strict rules and regulations that are followed in Singapore to maintain cleanliness, law and order. Over the past few days, we have seen that the streets of the country are clean and there is no sight of illegal or unruly acts.  Singapore as a country shows what kind of work is required for the development and improvement of the country. People are very punctual and the timings are followed strictly. All the public transport and metros always run on time.


(Jurong Bird Park welcomes us)

The country is a melting pot of cultures with various groups like Chinese, who form the majority and Indians making up roughly around 10% of the population. The people of Singapore are extremely helpful and courteous. The conduct of the people is an inspiration for other nations. Every individual needs to learn something from this wonderful place.


(Fun on minds at Universal Studios!) 

To end, we would like to say that the few days that we have spent in Singapore may seem less yet the values and lessons we have learnt from the country and its people are immeasurable and will never be forgotten. Singapore as a country teaches us that size truly doesn’t matter. It is all down the effort that people put in for the development and betterment of themselves and the country which takes it forward on the path of success.

(All set to explore the Night Safari, the world’s first nocturnal zoo) 

Team Members: Anannya Wal, Harshita Gogoi, Kato Benjamin, Leander Nongkynrih and Syed Jiyaad Ahmed (The Assam Valley School).


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