Ranthambore and Wildlife Poaching

Posted on Mar 13, 2023 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Hello, everybody! In this blog, we are going to tell you about Ranthambore and wildlife poaching. Ranthambore is a very beautiful place. There are many places to visit here like Ranthambore Fort, Dastkar NGO and Ranthambore National Park. We got to learn many things. We got to know that Ranthambore Fort belonged to the Chauhan dynasty and was invaded by the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khilji. It is believed that Rao Hamir won the battle but one of their soldiers betrayed him. There is another historical legend connected to Ranthambore Fort. When the Muslim conqueror, Alauddin Khilji besieged the Ranthambore Fort in 1303, the royal women committed ‘jauhar’ (self-immolation).

It is on our visit to Ranthambore National Park that we learnt that wildlife poaching is illegal. If wildlife poaching continues, it will disturb the ecosystem and will eventually disturb the food chain of animals. As a result of this, the whole balance will be disturbed. Wildlife poaching is illegal and a violation of animal rights. We believe that animals should get the right to life.

According to us, using them for products that do not harm them like getting wool from sheep is acceptable but poaching animals and killing them is not at all. We would like to end this blog on the note that animals can be used for something in which there is no harm to them but killing them will kill our ecosystem.

In the end, we would like to say that we should not kill animals for our benefit. Killing animals is also a threat to our ecosystem. Let’s bring an end to wildlife poaching.

Writen By Deveshi Mittal (Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, Sec-10).


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