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On our educational journey to Chandigarh, Amritsar, and Jalandhar, we got the opportunity to visit the splendid Golden Temple. At the Golden Temple, we witnessed the immense devotion of people from different religious groups towards the Almighty.

After crossing the busy streets and vibrant markets, we reached the Golden Temple in the evening.  The setting sun acting as a crown on the temple complex was a mesmerising sight to behold. We could see the religious Sikh symbol, the Khanda, at several places in the temple complex. As we proceeded, our levels of curiosity and excitement rose further.

Further, we headed towards the main shrine to join the long queue of devotees waiting to enter. We observed that the people who waited there, belonged to several sections of the society. Be it rich or poor, be it domestic visitors or foreign tourists, almost everyone stood there. After seeing the people, it made us realise that we are not different from one another. We were impressed by the devotion of the people who stood firm in queues even though some of them were jostling. The management of large crowds was systematic.

The much-awaited moment arrived when we entered the main shrine. We could sense positivity in the calm atmosphere and hear bhajans and kirtans being sung in the backdrop. We also saw the Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, which has been placed here. After offering our prayers, we came out and it was all dark. The temple was beautifully lit and its reflection could be observed in the clear waters of the Amrit Sarovar. There were small black and orange fishes in the holy water. We met and talked to some people who narrated their experiences of visiting the Golden Temple.

We recommend that while visiting the Golden Temple, the visitors should ignore the presence of huge crowds. Instead, the visitors should experience the tranquil and spiritual ambience of the place. The Golden Temple offers its devotees a chance to connect with God. Besides, it is an important place to learn about the rich historical and cultural heritage of our country. The visit to the Golden Temple taught me about the unity and diversity of people at the same time. We learnt that one should not discriminate among people on the basis of their religious background or economic status. We should simply follow one religion, which is humanity. We should practise kindness and tolerance. Lastly, I would like to thank EdTerra for organising a wonderful trip and giving me an opportunity of exploring a fascinating part of India.

Written by: Yashi Agarwal (Chinar Public School, Alwar).


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