Our Experience at Jim Corbett National Park

Posted on Dec 21, 2023 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Jim Corbett National Park, a natural wonder, is one of the most iconic destinations we’ve ever visited. Nestled in the deep forests of Nainital district in Uttrakhand, Jim Corbett National Park holds the distinction of being Asia’s first national park. A captivating jungle safari in the national park offers visitors an intriguing sight of animals in their natural habitat. This seamless interaction of mankind, nature and wildlife within this setting establishes Jim Corbett as an idyllic destination.

A trip with friends is the year’s most awaited event, and like every year, we were eagerly waiting for this trip with our friends. Our eventful journey kickstarted with a long bus ride from our school campus in Noida to Resort De Coracao in Uttrakhand. Upon arrival, our first destination was Dhangarhi Museum in Ramnagar, where we delved into a virtual exploration of the wildlife inhabiting the lush green jungles of Jim Corbett. The museum’s informative displays, particularly on the Royal Bengal Tiger, provided us with valuable insights. An educational and entertaining movie further enriched our understanding of the diverse animals in the forest ecosystem. This immersive experience also enabled us to comprehend the variations within the park across different seasons and times of the day. We learnt that Jim Corbett National Park is home to around six hundred species of plants, trees, shrubs, ferns, grass, climbers, herbs and bamboo.

Our adventure in Jim Corbett National Park was a perfect blend of enjoyment and appreciation for its natural beauty and creating unforgettable moments of joy shared with friends. The tranquility of the national park makes it a perfect destination for those seeking respite from their hectic schedules.

Writen By Agastya Sharma, Naman Sonpar & Siddharth Rajpal (The Shriram Millennium School, Noida).


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