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We are 6th and 7th grade students of MRIS. We want to tell you about our fun adventure camp at Neen. On the first day at camp, before embarking on the trek, we learnt about LNT (Leave no Trace) principles. There are 7 principles in total. These include planning ahead and preparing, travelling and camping on durable surfaces, disposing of waste properly, and respecting wildlife. After understanding the importance of these principles, we started our morning trek. We were informed that to make hiking easier, we had to use our toes while going uphill, and our heels while going downhill.

The adventure camp also helped us bond with our camp mates. On the day we arrived at the camp, we saw many new faces. But then we got to know them and became friends. The food at the camp was delicious. For the first few days, we got classic Indian food which my team really liked. On the last day, we got a very special Chinese meal! We appreciated how hard the chefs worked to prepare our meals.

For many activities, we were divided into 6 teams—the Eagles, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, Panthers, Boars, and Bulls. Our tasks were: navigation (we had to find 2 packets of maggi), cooking (we hiked up a mountain, made our own stove from stones, and cooked maggi), and shelter-making (we made 3 types of shelters- A-frame, lean-to and square). We also had a crucial lesson in evacuation and using first aid. During our camp, one of our mates broke his tibia and the other broke his arm. Through this incident, we learnt how to help a person using first aid.

Our mentors were very energetic and creative. They created a series of games and activities for us to enjoy. In one of the activities, we made a DIY (do it yourself) catapult bamboo sticks and used it to break down a wall of cups. The games were really enjoyable. The mentors were also kind and sweet to us. During this trip, we learnt many valuable lessons in connecting with nature, survival, and improving teamwork.

Writen By Agam, Kimaya & Prekshi (Manav Rachna International School, Sector 51, Noida).


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