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Posted on May 29, 2024 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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On our mesmerising adventurous trip to Viratkhai, we learnt different 21st century skills. We realised that these skills, such as collaboration, communication, leadership and productivity, will be helpful in our day to day life.

This adventurous trip with survival challenges helped many of us overcome our fears. We also worked with random teammates and learnt new survival tips with them. At our Viratkhai camp, we worked with many people who we didn’t know before. It brought us out of our shells. We also learnt how to survive with limited resources. Without resources, we can’t live. We need resources like water, food, and fire to be able to survive a camping trip in the woods. Since the camp could be difficult for some students and we had less resources, we helped each other through every situation and circumstances no matter what.

On the adventure trip, we learnt how to explore nature without destroying it. We were careful how to use up all our limited resources as our future depended on it.

We were also informed of some important survival tips to use during emergency situations. When trekking or camping, we need to learn how to survive and help others survive as well. Whenever we are in a difficult situation, we should use the first aid kit. We learnt how to create shelters and how to cook in the wild.

As part of gaining 21st century skills, we learnt how to work with limited resources. It is also important to help each other through teamwork.

Writen By Aradhya Srivastava, Akshit Kapoor, Paridhi & Samriddhi Shyam Dev (Pacific World School, Greater Noida).


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