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Posted on May 29, 2024 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Today, 21st century skills are an integral part of our lives. Learning them through adventurous activities makes them even more fun and interesting. So, let’s have a glimpse into our adventure camp at Majkhali.

The moment we got to know that our camp at Majkhali was organised by EdTerra, we were very excited since we already knew that they would make learning fun. While travelling in the bus, we had a lot of fun with our friends. We were very happy to go on a camping trip with our friends!

After we arrived at our camp, we were divided into teams. The teams were chosen such that it taught us to adjust with different people. We also chose a team leader. Our team showed excellent team work and determination. We participated in various interesting activities that tested both our mental and physical prowess. We went on a trek where we learnt about the wildlife in Majkhali. We worked together to overcome many challenges. The next day, we got the opportunity to zipline between trees, which was very exciting. We were taught about safety equipment before ziplining. There were plenty of other fun games such as ‘pipes & marbles’ and ‘number punch’. We learnt how to stay calm during tough situations and work in coordination with our teams to finish our tasks.

All the activities were fun and educational. These activities taught us various 21st century skills like collaboration, communication, leadership, and flexibility. We learnt how to remain calm and composed in difficult situations. All the skills we learnt at the camp will one day help us in life.

Writen By Aarna, Aditya, Hriti & Vanni (GD Goenka Public School, Raj Nagar Extension, GZB).


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