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Our school took us for an educational trip to Jim Corbett national park. It is a wildlife sanctuary mainly known for the protection of tigers, where we had an amazing experience spotting a variety of flora and fauna and learning about wildlife conservation.

When we reached our destination, after resting for a few hours, we got to experience the local scenic beauty around Jim Corbett. We first visited the museum at the Corbett Tiger reserve, which is a heritage bungalow of Sir Edward Jim Corbett, the renowned hunter, naturalist and author. As we know that the National park was named after him, we were told that he used to kill man-eating tigers and leopards who were preying on people of the nearby villages. He wrote many books regarding the flora and fauna of our country. He said, “Until India realises that wildlife is an asset, the killings will go on. A country’s fauna is a sacred trust and I appeal to you not to betray your trust.” These words strike a chord in our minds regarding the importance of sanctuaries and national parks.

After exploring the museum and the nearby Garija Devi Temple, we went for a safari ride at the Jim Corbett National Park. It was very cold but all of us were very excited. During the Safari, we spotted three species of deer – cheetal, sambhar, and barking deer. We all found the barking deer to be the cutest as the way he hopped resembled that of a rabbit. We also spotted leopards and crocodiles. The national park was full of a variety of plants and trees which were home to a range of bird species. We also saw a peacock flying over our jeeps, as well as a wild elephant and very common but interesting creatures: monkeys in their natural habitat.

We had an amazing experience on the safari. We all got to spend some quality time together among the calm of nature and wildlife. Apart from exploring the flora and fauna of the region, we learnt the importance of their conservation as it maintains a balance in our environment.

Writen By Gaurav, Jatin, Krish, Pradeep, Rudraksh, Sarthak, Shreya, Tanmay & Vedant (Summer Fields School, Greater Kailash Colony, New Delhi 110048).


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