Discover the Hidden Beauty of Alleppey’s Backwaters

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Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, stands out as a picturesque city in Kerala. The climate in Alleppey exhibits a combination of moisture and heat along the coast, while the interior of the district experiences a slightly cooler and drier ambience. Its climate makes Alleppey an ideal hub for rice cultivation, earning Kuttanad, a region encompassing Alleppey, the moniker “Rice Bowl of Kerala.” Yet, what truly distinguishes Alleppey is the unique experience it offers – the opportunity to live on a lake.

Alleppey is famous for its houseboats and floating abodes that offer a distinctive and enchanting experience. We were excited when we heard that we would be staying on a houseboat for the first time. The first thing we did was to explore the boat. The houseboats provided a cozy and novel setting, taking our enjoyment to the next level. Then we were instructed about the do’s and don’ts of a houseboat.

Delicious food was served on the houseboat, allowing us to relish both the culinary delights and the beautiful scenery around us. After lunch, we engaged with other boaters, waving and exchanging greetings. Seeking new adventures, our teacher introduced a game that kept us entertained for an hour. Then we had some tea with snacks. When we got down for snacks, to our surprise, the captain allowed us to briefly steer the boat, which was an amazing experience; even though it lasted only for a few seconds. As the day progressed, music filled the air, prompting impromptu singing and dancing among us.

In summary, the experience on the houseboat was wholesome. Fresh fish curry and authentic Kerala cuisine added to the enjoyment. We danced, played, sang, and created countless memories. We highly recommend visiting this beautiful destination in Kerala for a truly unique and memorable experience.

Writen By Aasrita Boddu, Daksha Chandra, Harishreshta Sambaraju, Praneetha Reddy, Prity Kumari Yadav, Rachana Tadikanda, Rithika Reddy & Sahasya Patnam (Sri Vidyaranya International School, Hyderabad).


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