Destination Cambodia

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The wind was fast and the time was slow. People were being killed, by their own people’s blow.

On our journey to Cambodia, we visited Killing Fields, Angkor Wat Temples, S-21 (Security Prison – 21), Night Market, Gold Market, Aeon Mall and Spitler Primary School (CA3) – where we learnt about the culture of Cambodia through the local school students and even taught them our own culture.

Killing Fields was one of the most heart touching experience. We learnt about the Khmer Rouge’s past and it was a frightening sight to look at the old skulls, bones and clothes of people who were murdered. Later, even though most of us were tired and sleepy, when it came to visiting Aeon Mall everyone was fresh and excited. Talking about S-21 i.e. Security Prison-21, it was scary but had a really interesting history. We met Mr. Chum Mey and Mr. Changla, the two super survivors of Khmer Rouge. As per their information, there were total 4 survivors in the prison but the whereabouts of the other two are not known.

In Spitler Primary School, CAS (a collaborative Action for Community Service) project was conducted, where teaching the school students and learning from them, both were a great experience. Last but not the least, our favourite, were the three Angkor Wat Temples. Exploring these temples was tiring but really fun. It was interesting to watch them and know about them. Their history was intriguing and was a new piece of information for all of us.

We would like to wrap this up by saying that though it was a history field trip, it was worth everything. We learnt the importance of being good leaders and responsible humans in our life.

Team Members: Aditya Datta Lohar, Keyuri Sachin Ade, Mayank Prakash Bagdai, Prerana Keshav Ghuge, Surya D Chauhan and Tushar Rajendrakumar Mewara (Students of MIT Gurukul, Pune).


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