Delhi students got awestruck in Orlando, learnt loads

Posted on Feb 14, 2020 in Student Speak


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The journey began with a beautiful sight of Orlando. We captured the beauty of Orlando in our hearts. We were astonished to see the cleanliness of Orlando. The city is a major hub of development. Orlando mesmerised us and we sensed unity amongst its people, which makes that place even more beautiful.

Our journey in Orlando started by visiting Walmart. That place is much bigger than it seems to be. It itself is a collection of every single thing that one could demand. The second day, we visited the dream location of every child — the one and only Walt Disney World. That place has one of the most beautiful sights of the world. The architecture of this place is beautiful. We experienced different adventurous rides and one of our favourites was Space Mountain, which was one thrilling ride. We also got a chance to meet our favourite Disney characters during the famous parade. Our day ended with the beautiful sight of fireworks.

On the third day, we visited the hub of development and knowledge — the Kennedy Space Center. The Kennedy Space Center is situated about 60 miles from Orlando. At the Kennedy Space Center, we saw an educational movie on space followed by the shuttle launch experience. We saw a number of exhibits in the Rocket Garden.

On the fourth day, we visited the Kennedy Space Center once again. When we visited there, we saw the historical and nostalgic launch pads from where almost every astronaut started his/her journey to space. During our visit to the Kennedy Space Center, we understood that astronauts have to face many challenges in life.

Orlando was a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. It had very pleasant weather. Every single experience was wonderful, be it adventurous or educational.

Team members: Atishya, Muskan, Nitika, and Ridhima (Sadhu Vaswani International School, New Delhi).


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