Cinematic Beauty of Ranthambore

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Waking up at 5:30 a.m. never felt so thrilling. Even though most of us were low on sleep, the excitement and eagerness to learn and visit Ranthambore was evident on our faces. The scenic beauty, colourful and vibrant culture and diverse wildlife offered us a plethora of knowledge beyond the photographs, textbooks and the monotonous city life.

Under the starry night sky, we witnessed the beauty of Rajasthani music and dance. The graceful steps and foot-tapping performances of the local artists made us join their symphony. The next day, after witnessing the purplish-orange sky in the morning, we headed out to Ranthambore Fort. We were eagerly looking forward to it since we were in Rajasthan, the state known for its warriors and dynasties. The fort was tactfully laid, with defence walls and entry points located in a way that enemy troops would have to use immense force or weaponry. We visited a Thirty-Two Pillar Chhatri dedicated to the memory of the king Prithviraj Chauhan, with each pillar representing a year of the late king’s reign.

We also got an opportunity to visit Dastkar, an NGO run by more than 350 rural women for the past 33 years. The handicrafts, clothing and accessories were made with skillful detail and perfection. During the jungle safari, we learnt fascinating facts and spotted rare sights. We witnessed a tiger chasing and hunting a deer, a bear carrying two cubs on its back and a peacock displaying its magnificent feathers. The day ended with a documentary and a session with a naturalist.

Amidst the lush jungle, pleasant weather and amazing mentors, we all fell in love with Ranthambore.

Writen By Anubhi Srivastava (Lotus Valley International School – Noida).


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