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Peace of mind is everything. We spend thousands of hours and hard earned money hoping that we provide the best possible resources to our children. We give them the best possible education, ideal nutrition, a comfortable living space, latest consumables and most importantly, our unconditional love. All of this is cardinal to a bright and holistic future, or at least that is what we think.

Times are different now and will be stranger tomorrow. In a competitive and ever evolving environment the millennial child experiences vivid and encouraging cults and beliefs, some of which were sought for in the early times but are just a screen tap away. Information is bombarded at young minds like a relentless ocean tide and keeping up with the concoction of constant peer pressure and the will to be rational often takes a toll on the best of us. This is a general problem and the best approach to get a grip on it, is to explore its roots.

The journey starts with understanding what a young mind wants. Friends, social status, ambition, fun, achievement, love, security and an unquenchable desire to be seen and heard. A fine tuned analysis of the above list reflects how the mind shapes itself over years as it struggles to keep up in a competitive environment.

It would also surprise you to find the abstract and unique solutions we receive as parents, educators and mentors, to the most complex and pressing issues. Within no time, students also become the advocates of their proud discoveries. At EdTerra, we believe in absorbing and celebrating this, the most eventful time of a child’s life and are available as the pedestal for launching confident, reassured and fulfilled global citizens.

Child safety doesn’t start on a journey, but several weeks before you select EdTerra as your preferred student travel partner. The core of the program development focuses on understanding and mapping the numerable facades, which contribute towards a thoroughly memorable ‘edventure’.

Growing children have growing needs and we understand that. In fact most of our Journey Mentor™ brigade comprises of young and energetic males and females who have a passion for travelling and education. The journey mentor goes through a rigorous selection process overseen by seasoned travellers, educators, managers, subject matter experts (SMEs) and industry specialists. Once they enter the world of EdTerra, they are introduced to a work environment that empowers an individual with immaculate freedom of creative expression. Happy people make the best companions on a journey; evidently these are also the people who lead our modulated and process specific training to fortify the best industry practices. Needless to say that it becomes effortless over time and students love the constant engagement and care they are given. So much so, that very often they yearn for the trip to be extended!

Over the years in our pursuit of making Truly Educational™ journeys, our program designers have worked tirelessly to bring about the most extensive and detailed security audits that exist in the country today. Destinations are handpicked and daily schedules are interleaved to ensure a balance of fun, education and discovery. A constant vigil of onsite operations promises order and alignment to these processes that are now deeply embedded into our minds. This is also supported by state-of-the-art equipment, which is certified by international institutions and backed by veteran industry experts. No kidding.

The pre-journey registration form takes an elaborate note of the medical history of all travellers and along with their individual insurance policies full details are handed over to the Journey Mentor™ who is trained as a first responder for all emergency situations. We step it up a notch and a compulsory annual hands-on training program consolidates and entrenches their Situation Reaction Time (SRT).

Before international journeys, pre-departure workshops protract the full scale of the journey and every single detail is discussed in abundance, which results in satiated travellers and guardians who now have the know-how of travel etiquettes, responsible travelling, local history, culture and customs and of course the itinerary details among several other points that are touched upon. Travelling teachers, parents and students come in with a lot of questions and learn something new to take home. We have observed over time that informed travellers enjoy more as they adapt to local circumstances and conditions better than their counterparts.

While on journey, tried, tested and trusted local experts, certified guides, educators and facilitators who are adept in handling student groups, strengthen our program and bring forward in a nutshell, their experience and wisdom with a rich fervour and flavour which were till now accessible to only a few. In turn, travelling teachers and the Journey Mentor™ get more time and energy to attend to specific and individual needs of everyone, thereby keeping the group fulfilled and high-spirited.

Children are unique and they are the heroes of the present and the future in their own right. The Journey Mentor™ is trained to recognize individual talents and celebrate the essence of the deep-rooted excellence and affection. By constantly engaging them in activities and guided experiences, we ensure that our travellers sponge up the experience extensively, giving them enough space to explore and hold hands with wisdom and prudence. In the wink of an eye emerge the confident young explorers who are ready to take on the world as 21st Century citizens, second to none and masters of their destiny.

Our student travellers are our ambassadors and at EdTerra we take their safety very seriously because,

Peace of mind is everything.


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