Binging on local food in New York!

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When you think of food in all it’s glory, one country that comes to mind is the United States of America. Many would wonder though, why USA? Their local food is essentially fast food, which is now available all over the world today. So why the fuss about food in USA? Let’s find out.

Historical check…how did America come to be home to such a variety of food?

Let’s trace our footsteps back into the country’s history, to a time when many ships sailed to the shores of USA, with people from countries far and wide, moving here to start a new life in the ‘promised land’. When America opened its lands to people from all over, it also embraced cultures and traditions that immigrants brought with them from their countries of origin. Food, being one primary connection to a life left far behind, naturally made its way to USA with the hundreds and thousands of immigrants who made America their new home.

Today, America is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities from the world over, with Spanish, Polish, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Sri Lankan, Irish, Ethiopian, African, Phillipino, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, German, British, French, Cuban, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Egyptian, Iraqi, Iranian and Saudis, among other nationalities, making America their home. Little doubt then, that the variety of food that one can sample is beyond any other country in the world!

What’s cooking, New York?

Now that we have our background in place, let’s get to some food talk. What can you expect from the streets of New York, when it comes to food? New York has always been considered a foodie’s paradise, with an unsurpassable variety of options to choose from, with roughly 36% of New York’s population being foreign-born. The city is a hub for food aficionados and specific areas in the city are known for specific cuisines.

With a large Asian population, Flushing in Queens is known for some of the finest Chinese and Korean food ever. From dumplings and wanton noodle soup, crispy sliced fish to triple delight vegetables, varieties of Chinese and Taiwanese teas, and fantastic Korean barbeque, Kalbi and cold noodles, look no further than Flushing to satiate your oriental taste buds!

Flushing is also home to a large Indian community, and for the best dosas in New York, look no further than this neighborhood. Known predominantly for its Indian and Pakistani food outlets, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst near Flushing have earned popularity for other cuisines as well, including Colombian, Mexican, Peruvian, Thai and Tibetan cuisine.

Canal Street in Manhattan is New York’s very own Chinatown that has been around for over 150 years, and the area is packed with street carts, bakeries, stalls and restaurants dishing out some good Chinese food.

One can’t think of New York, without thinking Italian! Think no further. Little Italy and NoLita (North of Little Italy) offer mouthwatering eats from undiscovered spots that specialize in traditional recipes and century-old techniques. Bakeries, pizzerias and little cafes abound in this neighborhood, rustling up divine Italian cuisine and that perfect cappuccino.

Vietnamese food is another popular cuisine in the city with the East Village being a known haunt for good Vietnamese food; people journey from far and wide to indulge in a hot, steamy bowl of Pho (noodle soup).

New York is known for its food trucks, and when in the city, a New York food truck experience is a must. Here too, there is no dearth of options, with finger-licking fare easily available at street corners and in busy neighborhoods across the boroughs of New York. From tacos and sandwiches, to burgers and falafel, from flaky Kathi rolls to mild lobster rolls, Hungarian fried bread to spicy burritos, from hot dogs to pizza, Korean Barbeque to Vietnamese subs, from chicken and rice to waffles, ice cream and baked treats, the list is truly endless!

The city is also known for its countless bakeries, patisseries and pie shops, and a walk by any of them will pull you in with their visually appealing windows filled with sugary and savory treats! From freshly baked breads and cookies, donuts doused in chocolate syrup, warm croissants and cheese, apple and cherry Danish, fresh tarts and brownies, pastries and buns, there is plenty to choose from.

And to end on a sweet note, how can one forget the humble cheesecake, a New York favorite!

So, on your next New York adventure, be sure to set aside a few days just to try out the amazing food on offer in New York City. You will not be disappointed!

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