Why students must volunteer for community service in Bhutan?

Posted on Nov 20, 2019 in Student Speak


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All of us know that the best way to find yourself is to serve others. We truly believe that engaging in community service provides students with an opportunity to become active global citizens and make a positive impact on society at large. Community service enables students to acquire life skills and useful knowledge besides lending a helping hand to those who need it the most.

community service in Bhutan

With tremendous technological advancement and the subsequent increase in global connectivity, humans are relatively interacting less with each other. Seeing an upward rise in this trend, there have been strong demands for making unpaid social service mandatory, especially for high-school students. In this era of social transformation, it is important for the youth to witness and understand the power of community effort to bring about substantial change. Future generations must live in a world where individuals do not give their personal needs more priority over the benefit of the larger community.

community service in Bhutan

Furthermore, we reckon that community service instils among students values and skills essential for fruitful living. Not only does it boost our self-confidence but it also gives us a sense of contentment. Serving and assisting those who are less privileged certainly made us feel accomplished in our lives.

community service in Bhutan

During our journey to Bhutan, we visited Ghatana Village for community service. We helped the farmers in their daily work. We tilled the soil and sowed the seeds for new crops to grow in the fields. Interacting with the locals while helping them in farming was a very fulfilling experience. We learnt to adjust ourselves as per others’ needs. We also learnt to cooperate with each other while working in a team. Helping people selflessly give our lives a purpose. It makes an individual realise how to put the needs of others before their own.

community service in Bhutan

Our experience of travelling to Bhutan as a part of the Community Service Program was an extraordinary experience. Every student must go on such a trip at least once in their lifetimes.

Team Members: Aanya, Aashman, Pavni, Pratham, and Smira (Lotus Valley International School Gurugram).


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