The Statue of Liberty National Monument holds truly surprising facts

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Since its unveiling in 1886 at Liberty Island in New York Harbor, Lady Liberty has welcomed millions of immigrants. But this American icon now welcomes a large number of tourists every year — most of them climb up to the crown for a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. To visit the Statue of Liberty, we took the Liberty Island Ferry. We were amazed to see how water near the harbour shone when sunlight reflected against its surface.

Designed by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, the gigantic statue was a gift from France and symbolises the virtues of American democracy. It was originally named La Liberté Éclairant le Monde or ‘Liberty enlightening the world’. The statue is almost 93 metres long. The torch held by Lady Liberty is made of copper and gold. We were surprised to know that the original colour of the statue was shiny brown. However, its colour has changed to green because its outer surface is covered by thin copper sheets that have eroded over time.

The granite pedestal of the statue was financed by the United States of America. Its variety of shapes and textures makes the pedestal seem less massive as it tapers gracefully upwards. One of the plaques placed on Liberty Island states, ‘The Statue of Liberty’s pedestal sits atop the remains of Fort Wood, originally one link in a chain of defenses protecting New York City and its vital harbor’. Fort Wood was built in 1807.

During our visit, we also discovered other historical facts about Liberty Island. It is spread over 12 acres and over the years, it has been named Love Island, Great Oyster, Kennedy’s Island, and Bedloe’s Island. It was in 1924, that US President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed Fort Wood and the Statue of Liberty as a National Monument. Further in 1956, Bedloe’s Island was renamed as Liberty Island.

When we visited Liberty Island, we saw many cafes serving delicious food. There were several shops selling a variety of souvenirs. We were impressed to see the magnificent architecture of the statue. We learnt that the Statue of Liberty was a symbol of the American ideals of freedom and equality. Moreover, it was the first structure that all the immigrants saw when they reached the American shores in search of better employment opportunities. In conclusion, we would like to express that everyone must visit the Statue of Liberty National Monument at least once in their lifetime.

Team members: Chahak, Gauri, Khushi, Khyati, Noreen, Ragini, and Shreya (Mother Mary’s School, New Delhi).


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