The Life of Sawai Jai Singh II

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Even after assuming the responsibilities of an emperor at the young age of eleven, Sawai Jai Singh II made significant contributions not only to his kingdom but to various fields such as astronomy and architecture. One such notable achievement is the construction of Jantar Mantar. His diverse achievements solidify his reputation as a jack of all trades. Let’s dive deeper into his life to better understand his accomplishments.

Since Jai Singh II belonged to the Kachhwa dynasty and as per the tradition of the time, he was sent to Varanasi to study Hindi, Sanskrit and Mathematics, alongside acquiring proficiency in martial arts. He also learnt Arabic and Persian.

When Sawai Jai Singh II ascended the throne after his father’s demise, the Kingdom of Amber faced a critical period marked by the waning faith of the Mughals in the Rajput army. Jai Singh II now had the task of regaining the lost faith of the Mughals in order to maintain the political stability of the kingdom. The young king did well in integrating Mughal and Rajput politics, got the Mughal emperor to commission the five Jantar Mantars and also integrated the two cultures. Even today, one can notice that the architectural elements in the monuments of Jaipur showcase a blend of both Hindu and Muslim influences, underscoring the significance of both cultural aspects in shaping the city’s identity.

Leveraging his impressive architectural and planning abilities, Sawai Jai Singh II applied insights from ‘Shilpa Shashtra’ to build Jaipur, the first planned city in India. During his reign, he undertook significant measures to enhance the security of Jaipur.

These are just a glimpse of the remarkable accomplishments of Sawai Jai Singh II, a brilliant and gifted ruler. We hope this has inspired you to consider prioritising a visit to Sawai Jai Singh’s Jaipur, making it a highlight on your bucket list.

Writen By Aadhya, Ananditha, Hamsini, Himajasri, Kashvi, Sudeeksha & Yashasri (The Global Edge School,Hyderabad).


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