The Animals of Ranthambore

Posted on Mar 21, 2024 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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It is best to leave some things undisturbed, such as the unmatched beauty of nature. Nature holds the unique ability to heal and rejuvenate us. This prompts us to reflect on the impact of human intervention on its delicate balance. Just take a moment to reflect on what we, as humans, have done to nature. Do we truly deserve to benefit from its nurturing embrace?

During our amazing trip to Ranthambore, we visited many places, beginning with Ranthambore Fort, surrounded by the lush greenery of Ranthambore National Park. Our exploration of its history revealed that elephants were once used in warfare to protect the fort, contrasting with its current role as a nature preserve and a home for langurs.

Our second destination was Ranthambore National Park, the wildlife sanctuary in Ranthambore where we encountered majestic animals. We spotted a tiger named Karthik, an alligator returning into the water amidst the sweltering heat, and deer enjoying leisure time with their families.

On this visit, we discovered that the true beauty of animals can only be experienced in the wilderness. Observing these creatures thrive in their natural habitat is way better than any sight of their hides or skins utilised for human purposes. We believe that national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are great initiatives by our government to safeguard and celebrate wildlife.

Furthermore, we also visited an NGO that was engaged in community development. We would suggest you all to partake in such experiences. We believe that it was truly an educational and fun trip. We are very happy that we got a chance to visit this place with EdTerra Edventures.

Writen By Aadit, Aarav, Aliya, Dishita, Drishti, Ishmeet, Kartikeya, Shivam & Vidushi (Delhi Public School Sushant Lok, Gurugram).


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