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Posted on May 30, 2018 in Student Speak


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We all know that Thailand is also called the ‘Land of Smiles’. Everyone should visit this amazing place at least once in a lifetime. As student travellers, the choice of destination is one of the most essential steps in an excursion. We chose Thailand because of its wide spectrum of cultures and traditions available. The exposure to a new land and adapting the new environment was initially a challenge for us but we also learnt a lot through this trip. With its fun and active learning system, EdTerra gave us an amazing experience in Thailand.

People in Thailand are really well cultured with a never fading smile on their faces and their down to earth attitude is really inspiring. It is a must visit destination for all those who love to travel and explore the world around them. We got the opportunity to witness the rich and interesting culture of Thailand about which we had only heard of.


(Location: Noong Noong Village)

Thailand is an ideal place for a student because it provides a lot of knowledge about the different religious beliefs and traditions which are being followed in the country. It also lives up to the expectations of teenagers as it has a lot of fun-filled activities to offer. It is a place where both vibrant nightlife and peaceful shrines co-exist. Hence, it makes this place really exciting for the travellers.

(Performance at Noong Noong Village)

Thailand is an amazing destination with eye-pleasing scenic beauty. This trip was really worth every effort and all of us enjoyed a lot. We created numerous beautiful memories. It was a complete success as we learnt many things in such an interesting manner that we will always cherish. Along with having fun, we gained a lot of knowledge. This trip was a perfect balance of fun and education.

(Location: Coral Island)

Team Member: Anyakshi Hazarika, Isheeta Hazarika & Suzanne Haque (The Assam Valley School).


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