Swiss hospitality and the Indian connection at Mount Titlis

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“It’s tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland.” – Michele Bachmann

This year, we got an amazing opportunity to spend some wonderful moments in Switzerland. We visited Zurich, Mount Titlis, and Geneva during our journey. Situated in central Switzerland, Mount Titlis lies on the frontier shared by the cantons of Obwalden and Bern. We drove for almost 45 minutes from Lucerne and found ourselves in front of the breathtaking Swiss Alps. The spellbinding beauty of Mount Titlis never fails to mesmerise its visitors. Growing up in India, we had seen films that often showcased the Swiss Alps. Sangam and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge are some of the most iconic Hindi films that were shot there.

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The peak of Mount Titlis remains covered with snow for most part of the year. One can witness snowfall if one visits this place during winter. Mount Titlis is a must-visit for adventure seekers. It offers a wide range of adventure sports such as cycling, hiking, Rotair, and Ice Flyer. The winter season is perfect for those who are interested in skiing, while in summer, the visitors can go for hiking trails in the sloping valleys. Titlis Rotair is the world’s first revolving cableway and the ride provides idyllic, 360 degree view of the snow-covered mountain peaks even if one remains still. Built using glass windows, each cable car is equipped with an efficient ventilation system. While riding the Rotair, we spotted cows with Swiss bells hanging from their necks grazing on the lush green pastures.

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Imagine sitting far away from home more than 10,000 ft above mean sea level and relishing delicious  butter chicken. There is an Indian restaurant named GourmIndia that serves a variety of Indian dishes. Eating Indian delicacies in a foreign land was an awesome experience. We spotted a large number of Indian tourists flocking to that place. The restaurant, therefore, must have been established to attract large Indian crowds. With the enchanting beauty of green grasslands and snowy mountains, an authentic Indian meal added to our joyous experience of visiting Mount Titlis.

Adamas International School, Kolkata

Travelling to such a captivating place was fabulous. We could not imagine that such a place existed on the surface of the earth. While visiting Mount Titlis, we clicked many photographs with our friends to create memories of the amazing time spent there. Overall, our journey to Switzerland was an enjoyable experience.

Written by students of the Adamas International School, Kolkata.


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