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So, you probably have questions like – ‘How is Singapore so clean?’, ‘What strict rules are followed here?’, ‘How is it so developed and safe?’ and ‘How is it so small but still better than India?’. I have all the answers you seek. Read on.

Singapore is a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia comprising of 63 islands. This count…Oh! Sorry! I got carried away. Let’s get straight to the point. This inspiring country has a much smaller area and population than Delhi. But that does not stop them from reaching their potential. During my whole visit, I did not see any beggars or street dogs (I am just too scared of street dogs) on the streets. The quality of life is wonderful. I was rather surprised to see a lot of female construction workers. That’s MASSIVE girl power! Their condition was not bad and they looked like they are from decent families. Most importantly, they were very comfortable in their respective jobs.

There were really strict rules there, which are implemented with no exceptions. Some might think that banning chewing gums is a stupid rule, but it’s the opposite. All over in India, you see chewing gums chewed and thrown away, in buses, at the restaurant tables and even under the school desk (yes, I once by mistake touched a chewed gum stuck under my table. It was disgusting). I am glad I did not have to go through all that through the tour.

Have you ever got irritated while driving when pedestrians try to cross through the traffic? A pedestrian walking at the wrong time in between traffic is a nuisance and dangerous for both the driver and the pedestrian. Jaywalking is an offense in Singapore and thus the ‘pedestrian nonsense’ is not so prevalent.

How does it feel like walking on clean streets, I will answer that! It feels AH-MA-ZING! There is no bad odour anywhere. Walking on the roads feels like an entirely new world. Want to know why? Guess it’s due to strict rules against littering. Littering can empty your wallets. So, think before you litter!

In Singapore, a lot of importance is placed on not only the conservation of animals and plants but also on the conservation of resources for future generations. Bird and animal parks are designed not only for sightseeing but also to spread awareness about endangered species as well as a method to gain a better understanding of animals, birds and the environment through an interactive method. A great deal of importance is placed on water conservation. The water here is so pure that you can even drink tap water! Another interesting technology is electronic road pricing where the cash is automatically deducted from the debit card when cars go through a territory.

But even this well-developed country has milestones yet to reach. India has great milestones to reach too. I hope the youth of today will learn from this small city having low population, is way more developed than big countries having more than ten times its population.

Team member: Raushani Chopra (Lotus Valley International School, Noida)


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