Our Visit to Ranastambhapura

Posted on Dec 30, 2023 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Ever since our arrival in Ranastambhapura (Ranthambore), we have been captivated by its magnificence. The town has diverse wildlife and lovely architecture. The people are hospitable and friendly. And although we were amazed by the beauty of Ranthambore National Park, we couldn’t help but feel sorrow for the wildlife poaching that plagues this land.

As our canters entered Ranthambore, a warm but gentle breeze welcomed us, bestowing pure serenity. The extended branches of the long-standing trees resembled open arms that were welcoming us. The tall yellow grass seemed to give a standing ovation, greeting us to its land.

The guide narrated stories about Ranthambore and its last Rajput ruler, Hammir Dev, taking us on a journey through time. The rule of a brave and strong king prevailed in this land. He was the last of his clan to rule this land. He is still remembered for his deeds.

We were amazed to learn how a place boasting such breathtaking views, proud citizens and majestic creatures could also carry a heart-wrenching history. This paradoxical nature is a testament to the fortitude of Ranthambore. The fort within this preserved land stands as a magnificent symbol of the kingdoms that once thrived here. Every effort and interest invested in exploring Ranthambore is rewarded with magnificent scenery, more incredible wildlife and a plethora of intriguing scents.

Just as we had arrived, accompanied by the gentle caress of the winds, we left with the winds as our companions once again. This time, the winds were cold but sweet, much like a dear friend who stays close even when we part ways.

Ranthambore’s vastness is beyond what our eyes could fully grasp and our lives may be too short to experience all that this place has to offer. Despite the palpable sense of historic barbaric acts and poaching, these do not overshadow Ranthambore’s beauty and sanctity. May this remarkable place forever retain its current state of grace.

Writen By Pranay Batra & Sanskar Pathak (G.D. Goenka Public School, Sec-10, Dwarka).


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