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From melting glass to a beautiful vase,

no one can imagine from what is pass.

The secret of glass making is held in the glass only

the Murano’s can complete this task.

We are talking about none other than Murano glass making factory in Venice. From melting glass to a beautiful vase, no one can replicate the beauty of this glass created by the talented Murano artisans. The secret of this specialized field in glassmaking is held only in the expert hands of Murano glass making artisans. Murano glass is created only on the island of Murano in Venice.

Venice is an extremely beautiful and enjoyable place. It is also world-famous for Murano glass. The Murano glass is extremely popular because glass pieces of certain size are unbreakable and one can also play with them. In earlier times, only rich merchants and royal families could afford these types of glasses. Murano glasses are extremely tough and can be used for more than a decade. The beauty of Murano glass is evergreen.

They go through various processes. The basic composition of Murano glass is silica, soda, lime and potassium. These ingredients are melted to a liquid form in a special kiln at a temperature ranging between 1100 -1500°C. The base composition is colourless and colourful glass is made by adding small amounts of minerals, oxides and chemical derivatives. The glass is then crafted using special techniques like mouth-blown and/or hand-crafted and basic tools.

Murano artisans till date use centuries old techniques to create beautiful glass figurines, glassware, chandeliers, vases, beads and contemporary art pieces. Over the years even though their techniques have slowly evolved use the same basic tools that were developed in the middle ages. They believe in placing importance on the skills of the artisan rather than on the complexity of the tool. Murano glass is known all around the world for its artistic and historic value and as a result of this growing popularity, many knock-offs have made their way into the market. To combat this problem the native Murano artisans provide a certificate of authenticity stating the origin and the production process of the item.

Team members:  Jhanvi Jain, Kashvi Aggarwal, Renee Agarwal, Rabnoor Kaur, Amrita Singh and Nishtha Kumar (Convent of Jesus and Mary).


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