Magic of Disneyland, Paris

Posted on Aug 19, 2023 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Disneyland, Paris greeted us with a seemingly long waiting queue. We encountered characters that we thought could only exist on TV. We felt like we were living in a world of fairy tales. The stores, cafés and rides added their value in making this place magical.

The magnificent castle in the centre was the main attraction of the park. We believe that it catches the attention of tourists because of its bright and vibrant colours. The delightful chatter of the crowd instilled enthusiasm and excitement in the air. It was surprising how the park managed to provide such a huge variety of food options including different kinds of burgers, soft drinks, desserts and pizzas. The food surely looked enticing as it was available in the shapes of different characters; imagine yourself eating a pizza in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Disneyland, Paris is known for its beautiful yet thrilling rides. The rides start with synchronous screams and end with relieving sighs at the end of each ride followed by hooting and applause. Most of us found Hyperspace Mountain to be our favourite because it took us through the darkness, daylight, blue lights and white lights. The symphony of harmonious screams during the ride thrilled us.

On this journey, we learnt that Walt Disney was a visionary who achieved the unimaginable. He spread smiles through his humorous yet moralistic stories. We saw the Disneyland parade that was studded with all our favourite childhood characters. We fought our way through crowds to finally see the superheroes of our younger selves. The sight of the parade was like childhood dreams coming to life. The long street with shops full of cute and elegant gifts that we could take home can be best defined as a toy lover’s paradise.

To conclude, Disneyland is and will always be the synonym of paradise for us. We want to see if anything can replace it. The thrill and the enjoyment unleashed a new and refreshing outlook on life. Whenever you visit Disneyland, greet the characters, especially Goofy, who does not miss a chance to pass his kind smile.

Writen By Avi, Hannah, Ramya, Rehaan, Rutvi, Samaria & Tannish (Pathways School, Gurgaon).


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