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An unforgettable experience, some amazingly new acquaintances and eight days of extreme madness and fun, the London trip is one worth remembering and cherishing for the rest of our lives! Though experiences and incidents can be best explained and understood if they are a part of one’s firsthand experience, I would try my best to give you a detailed account of my experience back in London and would also try to enlist a few reasons which, I hope, would be convincing enough for you to consider being a part of such trips yourself.  


1. Let Travel Be Your Teacher

London - Let Travel Be Your Teacher

Okay! So first things first! According to me, the best part about setting the travel bug free inside you and allowing it to take you on a trip with people you have hardly shared an entire day with, is that it prepares you for the life ahead, for the challenges it has in store for you and somewhere plays a role of a mirror, helping you analyse where you stand today. As I reflect back today, I realize that this first time exposure to travelling with friends did really make me think about the personality traits that I need to work on, made me appreciate my talents and most importantly gave me an opportunity to experience the different shades of life which I probably wouldn’t have been able to had it not been for this trip. This is the first and the most important reason why I believe that one must definitely give himself this chance of exploring himself and the world.


2. Experience The Life Of A British Student

London - Experience The Life Of A British Student

Secondly, living in London for 8 days as a British student and not as a tourist did give us all, who aspire to move out of the country for higher education, a chance to experience life as it is for one. From travelling in the underground tubes daily to living in a student’s accommodation and from having early morning lessons to having a fixed routine each day, the trip left no stone unturned to give us a feel of what it is like to be a student back there. Lessons at LSC Stanton gave each one of us an insight into the study pattern there, the environment in educational institutions made each of us further believe in the fact that learning can be made fun as well!


3. Interact and Learn From The World

London - Interact and Learn From The World

Thirdly, what the trip happened to teach each one of us was that one should never expect everything to be perfect in life and the key to success is going with the flow and survival because let’s face it, the world today is not a gift granting factory but the one that believes in survival for the fittest.


4. Forget Photos. Live The Moment

London - Forget Photos. Live The Moment

Fourthly, one of the most important teachings of the trip was the importance of looking at the entire picture and working as a team even if that meant to compromise with someone at some point. One of the best things about such trips always remains the opportunity that one gets to interact with people of different schools, different nationalities, and different countries! And what could be a better place for this than London which is considered to be a melting pot of various diverse nationalities and people with unique ideologies and ideas.

Though many would consider such trips to be worth enrolling into because of the inherent benefit that they seem to get by highlighting it as an additional point in their CVs, there is much more to such excursions or educational trips than just that! Such adventures not only help by setting free the addicted youth from the virtual world but also introduce them to the real world that has so much to offer, it prepares them for life at large and makes them a part of the society which today has fortunately turned global not only in terms of connectivity but also in terms of ideologies, interests and beliefs.

Be it early mornings or the evenings, everything that we did and all that we saw, be it the places of historical and political importance or the exciting lifestyle of the people out there, nothing failed to amaze us. It was for the first time that many of us actually forgot to take photos and instead preferred to live in the moment.


5. Learn To Socialize With People

London - Learn To Socialize With People

Lastly, in this world today where Net worth stands more important than Network, such trips wonderfully inculcate the ability to socialize with people, a habit that is fast dying out.  Therefore, I do firmly believe that be it for the cry babies, the home sicks, the adventure lovers, the ones with a travel bug within, those who love to fantasize or for those who hate to go out, trips like this are worth giving a chance for each one out there! So BON VOYAGE! And remember to never let the travel bug within die!


– By Muskan Goel, Lakshmipat Singhania School, Kolkata



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