Effect of Global Warming on the Climate of Dharamshala

Posted on May 30, 2024 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Our recent trip to Dharamshala enlightened us on the rapidly increasing temperature of the world. Global warming has reached an all time high and it has put our future at risk.

Dharamshala is a beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. As it is situated on the Himalayan mountain range, we expected pleasant weather. But the first thing we noticed was the unusual heat in the hill station. This raised alarms in our mind. After studying about climate change and global warming in our classrooms, we understood how much global warming had affected the cold and pleasant climate of Dharamshala. While exploring the city, we concluded that global warming has caused places like these to become unbearingly hot.

The ill treatment of the environment has led to this crisis. Global warming is a serious issue that will destroy biodiversity and cause more natural disasters. If we don’t take any action to stop this, it will become impossible for us to live on this planet. Hence, as students, we took it upon ourselves to help the environment as much as we can by using glass bottles rather than single-use plastic bottles, trying to not litter, etc. These small steps help the environment heal.

We believe, after experiencing the unbearable heat in Dharamshala, that we should help the environment. We should do this by starting at a personal level and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. These steps will help shape a new future for Dharamshala.

Writen By Aarnav Singh, Aaryan Chanana, Anjali Srivastava, Gaurav Singh, Ishani Mehrotra, Krishna Pathak & Sachman Singh (Lotus Valley International School, Noida Extension).


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