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Posted on Dec 08, 2022 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Bonjour, de Uttarakhand. We would like to tell you about our trip, which not only provided us with a joyous experience but also gave us insights into various life skills.

Today, we are gonna talk about five beneficial things which affected us both mentally and physically.

1) Overcoming fears – A major benefit of this trip was that it gave us the opportunity to conquer our fears. For example, one of us was scared of height, rappelling to be specific. He/she overcame it because of sheer motivation given by the journey mentors and GEMS International School’s teachers.

2) Importance of first aid – First aid is very essential in case of emergency but first aid doesn’t only just mean aiding a person but also to transport the casualty to a hospital. For example, today in Tehri, our instructor, called by our school, GIS, showed us many things. We got to know about different techniques of transporting an injured person and CPR.

3) Implication of various activities – During our beautiful time in New Tehri, we met different instructors who showed us many astonishing activities which enabled us to learn new techniques which can be used both while surviving on mountains and to build our physical and mental strength.

4) Adapting to different conditions – After two years of lockdown due to Covid-19, this was our first tour. Our body was adapted to the average temperature but this tour was at a high altitude so, it had low temperature. Our body wasn’t prepared for this temperature but this shift allowed our body to adapt and strengthen itself.

5) Learning about safety equipment – While doing various activities, we got to know about different equipment used for our safety like static rope, descender, harness, and jumar. These are safety equipment and are used on very crucial moments.

We were organised into different teams and were assigned different activities. After a lot of trekking, we had fun with our teachers, mentors, and schoolmates. We lit bonfires every night accompanied with an enjoyable talent show. We were also assigned rooms in groups of four. They were very spacious and comfortable to rest in. We slept very well at night. After we woke up, we did some energising activities. We also received delicious food after we came back from activities in the afternoon and evening. Overall, we had a joyful and jubilant trip. Our special thanks goes to our mentors and teachers who accompanied us for the whole time.

Written by Aishwarya Arora, Hardik Kumar, Katyayani Thakur, Kunjal, Parth Agarwal, Pawani Agarwal, SakshamYadav, Shyamak Hindyar, Sudwit Tagore and Vyom Mittal (GEMS International School, Gurugram).


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