Mysuru Palace: A study in how architecture narrates history

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Located in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, Mysuru (earlier known as Mysore) is famous for the production of sandalwood and silk textiles. The city is also known for its variety of tourist destinations. One of its chief attractions is the Mysuru Palace. Since it is one of the most-visited monuments of India, we decided to go there on a trip.

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The Mysuru Palace was first built in the 14th century as a royal residence for rulers belonging to the Wadiyar dynasty. Its original structure was struck by lightning in 1638 after which it was renovated. However, in 1793, the palace building was demolished by Tipu Sultan. Thereafter, when the Wadiyars returned to rule over Mysuru, the palace was re-built between 1799 and 1803, only to be destroyed by a fire in 1897. The palace, in its present form, was erected between 1897 and 1912. This time, it was designed by the renowned British architect, Henry Irwin.

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The palace is situated in the central part of Mysuru, facing the Chamundi Hills towards its east. It is built next to the Parakala Matha, whose Vaishnava priests served as rajagurus to Wadiyar rulers. The palace is essentially built in the Indo-Saracenic style, borrowing elements from Hindu, Mughal, Rajput, and Gothic architectural traditions. It is a three-storey stone structure with beautiful square towers covered with deep pink, marble domes. The Durbar Hall of the palace looks splendid with its ornate ceiling, sculpted pillars, and intricately carved wooden doors.

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The Mysuru Palace is a stunning piece of architecture that makes it a favourite among tourists. It gives an insight into the lavish lives of Wadiyar kings and queens. Most importantly, the Mysuru Palace signifies the blending of various architectural styles showcasing the uniqueness and diversity that India is known for.

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Written by: Aryan Sougaijam (Assam Valley School)


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