Unveiling the Wild Majesty of Ranthambore

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Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India offers a critical habitat for the Royal Bengal Tigers and possesses a rich historical backdrop. The national park is spread across 1411.28 square kilometers, of which 1113.36 square kilometres is the core area and the remaining 297.92 square kilometres is the buffer area. The dedicated wildlife conservation efforts thoroughly carried out by the authorities have led to an increase in the tiger population in Ranthambore, evident in both the government reports and the frequent sightings by tourists.

Ranthambore’s story of conservation is not only about its famed tigers but also about a diverse array of fauna, including leopards, caracals, and several bird species thriving among the dominant dhok trees. The conservation efforts have helped to sustain the harmonious balance between the wildlife and the communities residing on the fringes of the forest.

Nestled within the national park, the towering Ranthambore Fort enhances the park’s allure and its surreal grandeur. This tenth-century fortress invites visitors to delve into its history among the ruins. During our visit, we marvelled at the fort’s meticulous engineering, which features winding pathways intended to confuse potential invaders.

Ranthambore National Park exemplifies how national parks can boost tourism. The proceeds generated from tourism in Ranthambore play a crucial role by contributing to the park’s efforts to conserve endangered species and their habitats. This model highlights the potential of tourism to aid in the preservation of natural wonders and showcases India’s commitment to environmental conservation.

Writen By Aarav, Aniket, Ansh, Avik, Harsh, Kabir, Kavish, & Tvarita (Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurugram).


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