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Posted on Jan 12, 2024 in India Discovery,Student Speak


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Hey, fellow travel enthusiasts!
Fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight as we take you through our exhilarating four-day camp in the mesmerising city of Bhimtal with EdTerra Edventures. Our enthralling journey was filled with adventure, tales of long treks and breathtaking views that will surely ignite your excitement to explore this remarkable destination.

Our journey kicked off at 5:30 a.m. All the students were geared up for the upcoming adventure. Following a lunch break, we proceeded to Kathgodham. At Kathgodam, we were transferred into smaller vehicles that transported us to the beautiful city of Bhimtal in Uttarakhand, which was just thirty-five kilometres from Kathgodam. The first day of our journey ended on a delightful note as we gathered around a bonfire, enjoying a night of music with friends.

The next morning we set out for an exhilarating trek through the dense forests of Bhimtal. The fresh air revitalised our senses as we explored deeper into nature’s playground. Along the way, we were led to the Sattal Lake, which is a four kilometres trek from Sea Hawk Hill Resort, Bhimtal. On our trek, we learnt the importance of having mountaineering etiquettes and following the principles of Leave No Trace, emphasising pre-planning, respecting wildlife, proper waste disposal and avoiding littering. We also participated in activities such as zipping, rappelling and rope courses. These pursuits undoubtedly added to our overall experience.

On the final day of our journey, we witnessed the beauty of the magnificent Bhimtal Lake, situated 1,375 meters above the sea level. This tourist attraction provided a tranquil haven for nature lovers. Every moment in Bhimtal, from the sunrise to the sunset, painted a picture-perfect experience for us.

Writen By Aanya, Atharva, Danicca, Lavanya, Om & Vihaan (Scottish High International School, Sec-57, Gurugram).


EdTerra Edventures conducts various other programs for the youth. If you go to school and are under 17 years of age, ask your school to contact us to arrange a visit to your school for an introduction to “Bhimtal” and other journeys under EdTerra’s India Discovery Program.

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