TraveLive at Zorig Chusum with the students of Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka

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Four students from Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, had the good fortune of interviewing one of the students at the Zorig Chusum School of Art and Craft in Thimphu, during their visit to Bhutan in May 2017, on a school trip with EdTerra. Below are excerpts from the interview conducted by the three students.


Interviewers: Anusha, Chhavi, Harmehar and Nayana
Interviewee: SonamTshering


Q1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, where do you live?

A – I am from Trashiya Yangtre but currently living in Thimphu to study here at this school. My passion is wood carving..


Q2) What motivated you to come and study in this school?

A – My parents encouraged me to study here because it is a beautiful place and the school is very encouraging and motivating.


Q3) Are you learning a single form of art/craft or there are many? Which is your specialization?

A – I am specializing in wood carving currently. I am still exploring different crafts like tree carving.


Q4) Why did you choose this particular art/ craft as your specialization?

A – I chose this particular craft as it has been my hobby since childhood and I slowly gained interest in it. My family also motivated me to study about this art form.


Q5) How many years does a person need to study in this school before graduating and starting their professional life?

A -It takes 2 years to study here before graduating and starting a professional career.



Q6) After graduating from this school, what kind of work do the students get?

A – Jobs of maintenance of monasteries and carving jobs in monuments.


Q7) How do Bhutanese people keep in touch with the Zorig Chusum in their day-to-day life?


A – They buy traditional art pieces or work at Zorig Chusum.


Q8) Are any of the 13 crafts now dying or not in use much? Which one(s) and what is the reason according to you?

A – Are any of the 13 crafts now dying or not in use much? Which ones and what is the reason according to you.


Q9) You must be getting a lot of visitors like us; do you get disturbed with people coming in and out?

A – Yes, we often get disturbed by the visitors. It sometime makes us lose our focus.


Q10) If you have to give one message or advice to visitors here, what would that be?

I will tell them to visit all the classrooms and look at the hard work done by the kids.


Q11) Do you think any other form of art can be added in this list of traditional arts and crafts?

Classes for physical fitness should be added because we often get pain in our necks, hands and our backs.



We thank Ms. Sonam Tshering who willingly participated in the interview, and we would also like to thank the Zorig Chusum School of Art and Craft for the opportunity to conduct this interview, and for the opportunity of interacting with the esteemed teachers and students of this institute.



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