Sawai Jai Singh, the Great

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Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, derives its name from its founder Sawai Jai Singh II. He was a mathematician, a great ruler, a city designer, astrologer, and astronomer. He was responsible for several reforms in Rajasthan and is remembered for his contributions to India’s history. His legacy lives on in the form of his architectural masterpieces and the city of Jaipur.

Sawai Jai Singh was the 29th Kachwaha Rajput ruler of Amber Palace and made it his capital. Since he was more interested in mathematics, astrology, and astronomy, he created the Jantar Mantar series of astronomy complexes. He was given the title of Sawai by Emperor Aurangzeb. The Battle of Gangwana was the last battle fought by Sawai Jai Singh II which marked the end of the period of his domination. He was trained by great mentors and scholars in art, science, and philosophy. He provided people with profound knowledge of astronomy through Jantar Mantar. He built many astronomical labs across India, making him one of the most powerful rulers in the country. He also ascended to the throne at the age of 11. He was a great visionary and laid the foundation for modern India. He is still remembered for his contributions and is known as the founder of the city of Jaipur.

Sawai Jai Singh II had many great talents, with astronomy being his strongest. He is a true genius well appreciated for his town planning and the creation of Jantar Mantar. He was a great leader, astronomer, and inventor who left behind a great legacy.

Writen By Akshaya, Anaaya, Aradhya, Aarohi, Jasmira, Kimmaya, Nakshatra, Ridhima, Saasya & Vibha (The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad).


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